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Sanketh Sharath, an Oral Pathologist, when working as a faculty, tried to make lectures as interesting as possible in order to gain and hold attention of students. Not only were numerous key dental concepts difficult for students to comprehend but also monotonous and boring since most topics were factual. Apart from routine classes to attend and huge textbooks to read, he realized there was a need for quality online dental resources to complement students, to help them learn, revise and practice efficiently. He quit his job with the goal of building a company that would make students’ academic life easier.

Fascinated by the idea of creating an online dental platform, Sanketh’s colleague Divakar Remigius, a practising Periodontist, joined in to help him build HackDentistry. Together, they aspire to make it the largest and the most comprehensive online dental platform where students can have fun learning and get hold of resources which make revision and exam preparation easier and more effective.


Dr.Sanketh Sharath, MDS
Co-founder & Director
Sanketh, a passionate Oral Pathologist,
is big fan of Edtech. He has a special
interest for white-board animation, web-
comics and their application in
education and…..yes, he’s the guy
behind HackDentistry’s animation

Dr.Divakar Remigius, MDS
Co-founder and Lead Content Developer
Divakar is a skilled Periodontist and
Implantologist, but an entrepreneur at
heart. A staunch practitioner of time-
management, he effectively juggles
between clinical practise and
HackDentistry. Psst…he secretly
aspires to be a real-estate tycoon!


HackDentistry is indebted to these Dentists!!

Dr.Vidya, MDS
Oral Pathologist
Private Practitioner
Dr.Varsha K Pavithran, MDS
Public Health Dentist
Senior Lecturer,
Rajah Muthiah Dental College and Hospital
Dr.Kuldeep Phukon, I MDS
Regional Dental College,
Dr.Saileela, MDS
Oral Pathologist
Private Practitioner
Dr.Anveeta, MDS
Oral Pathologist
Associate Dental Surgeon,
Dantah Multispeciality Dental Centre