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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackDentistry ?

HackDentistry is an E-learning and a Crowd-Sourcing platform that aims make learning dentistry fun, engaging and light-hearted. Apart from routine classes to attend and huge textbooks to read, we believe students need quality online dental resources to complement their learning, understanding of core concepts and help them revise and practice efficiently. Our mission is to break the shackles of mundane passive reading, make studying enjoyable and also improve dental education in order to foster expert graduates, clinicians and researchers.

The E-learning aspect focuses on improving students’ understanding of the core subject/specialty and exam performance. We intend to accomplish this by creating

  • a robust library of light-hearted sketch/whiteboard animation lectures.
  • a huge library consisting of thousands of practice questions (multiple choice format) and
  • notes for quick revisions

HackDentistry also provides for a crowd-sourcing platform, in which students can create their own notes,articles & multiple choice questions, post it on the platform and share it with their peers and other users of HackDentistry. The purpose is two fold:

  • Create a community of dental students and dentists who can share and discuss academic material in order to facilitate active learning.
  • Crowd-sourcing would give free access to valuable content created by dental students/dentists globally.

HackDentistry also allows students to:

  • Create profiles
  • Add friends
  • Create public or private groups and
  • Create forums


How do I sign up, create an account and become a member?
  • Once in the website, you need to sign up to access content or participate in the community.
  • Find the “Log in” option in the menu on the left or click on the “Arrow” on the top right corner of the home page….
     ….”Sign-up” with your Email address
  • Alternatively, you could log in with your “Google” or “Facebook” account.
  • After activating your account, log in to the website.
  • Once you are logged in, you are a FREE member and have access to all animation videos, notes, community features such as adding friends, creating groups and forums. However you need to be a PREMIUM member to access our PREMIUM content (Question bank & Illustrated video transcripts).
  • To become a PREMIUM member, click on “Subscription Plans” option from the menu on the left..

  • and choose the “Premium Membership” plan of your choice. We also offer a “Free trial” where you would have access to our PREMIUM content for a period of 4 days!



What could I access with a “Free Membership”?

On our website users (regardless of whether users have signed up or not) would get access to all videos and notes for free! However, in order to avail our community features like participating in forums and groups (which are also free) you would have to sign up on our website.

If you avail a “Free trial” through our subscription page, you could get access to our “Premium” features (Scripts below videos/Question bank/Illustrated transcripts) for 3 days.

How much does “Premium Membership” cost? What could I access with this membership?

Premium membership costs ₹4495/year (approx.US $63), ₹2395/6 months (approx.US $34), ₹1275/3 months (approx.US $18), ₹499/month (approx.US $7). Premium members have access to premium content (Scripts below videos/Question Bank/Illustrated Video Transcripts ) in the website, apart from being able to access videos, notes and community features (forums and groups).

Will “Premium Membership” auto-renew?

No, premium membership will not auto-renew. Users would have to re-subscribe for the membership manually.

Could I cancel a “Premium Membership” after purchase?

Premium memberships once purchased cannot be cancelled.We do not refund or return any subscription/s that has been purchased, unless proved that the transaction was the result of a fraudulent purchase.

Are the revision notes and video transcripts downloadable?

At present, revision notes and video transcripts cannot be downloaded. They have to be viewed through our website.

How do I create groups and forums?

HackDentistry allows members to create “GROUPS” and “FORUMS”. However, members can create “FORUMS” only by creating “GROUPS”.

  • Hover on the “Community” option in the main menu–> and click the “Groups” option.


  • Alternatively you could click your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click “GROUP” –> “CREATE GROUPS” in the menu that appears.


  • You would be directed to the “CREATE GROUP” page where you would have to fill in details like “GROUP NAME” and “GROUP DESCRIPTION”. Once you have filled in these details move on to the next step.


  • Select appropriate “PRIVACY OPTIONS” for your group. Choose if you would want your group to be “PUBLIC”, “PRIVATE” or “HIDDEN”. Once you have chosen appropriate options, move on to the next step.


  • Choose if you would like your group to have a FORUM. If you would want one, click the check box “YES. I WANT THIS GROUP TO HAVE A FORUM” and move on to the next step. Remember, your forum would have the same privacy option your group has. If your group is “PUBLIC” your forum would also be “PUBLIC” and open to all members.
  • Upload appropriate profile and cover images for your “GROUP”.
  • Finally, before finishing, you could invite your friends (members on your friend list) to the group.
  • Click “Finish” and tada!!!! Your GROUP is created!
How could I contact your team for support?
  • Shoot us an email at [email protected]
  • You could drop a message in the contact form in our home page.
  • Inbox a private message to our Profile -“Hackdent Admin”.


  • We also have a forum by name “HackDentistry – Troubleshooting”. You could start a topic in the forum and ask us your queries.