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Hey, would you mind helping us build one of the largest E-learning platforms for dentistry (yes, we know its pretty ambitious)??

Hellooo people!!
Most of you may know our website’s up and that we have loads of study resources which include animation videos, revision notes, and multiple choice questions. Well… the good news is, we are working extremely hard, to curate as much content as possible from our side. We aspire to make HackDentistry the largest and the most comprehensive online dental platform where students can have fun learning and get hold of resources which make revision and exam preparation easier and more effective.

That being said, we don’t think we could make it happen without your support. We are a small team (just 2 of us actually…and not to forget our friends who have and are generously contributing) and there is always a limit to our energy, resources and how much we could do in a given period of time. Apart from being an E-Learning resource, did you know HackDentistry is also a crowd-sourcing platform where you could upload your own quiz questions, notes/articles, and images? The purpose is to create a community of dental students and dentists who can share and discuss academic material in order to facilitate learning.It would be of immense help if you could contribute to making HackDentistry one of the largest learning platforms for dentistry! Imagine the amount of content that could accumulate and you could have access to, if students and dentists contributed their little bit… whenever they could…that would be awesome!

So, this is what you could do. Log in to our website and register if you haven’t (it’s easy; you could do it with your facebook or google account). After you register, hover on the “Create Posts” option in the main menu and select if you would want to “Create Quiz” or “Create Notes/Articles”.


Create content…publish them and voila… you have done your part(of course, you could come back and create content again). You could then tell your friends/colleagues to do the same and tell them to refer their friends/colleagues and so on.So… yea…that’s how you could help. Please do contribute content and tell your friends and colleagues to do the same. And don’t forget to “Have fun learning!”

Thanks a bunch!
Team HackDentistry

P.S – Share this with your friends and colleagues, would you?


Hackdent Admin

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