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Revision Ninja – Cheat Sheets (We are up and running!)


The vast specialty that dentistry is, it could sort of…you know, get intimidating. Textbooks are huge and vast, with information splayed all over, facts and concepts can be difficult to comprehend and retain. You start reading a textbook and just when you think you are doing great it starts to get overwhelming . We get it, we have been there, and we empathize with you.

Now apart from understanding stuff, a large part of doing well in exams is the ability to remember facts and piece them together. You see, you may well understand how a particular disease works. But of what use is it, if you don’t remember what the disease’s symptoms are or what it looks like? This may seem like a contrived example, but you get the point.

“Intelligence is not only the ability to reason; it is also the ability to find relevant material in memory and to deploy attention when needed.”

-Daniel Kahneman


“Revision Ninja – Cheat Sheets” is an attempt to condense and assimilate key facts and concepts in dentistry into easily digestible material that can be remembered and retained. It would serve to be something like a quick guide for you, which you could use for revisions to help in exam preparations, be it university exams or entrance exams (to get into a post graduate/residency program). To make best use of it, we recommend you use it regularly/ frequently as a supplement to your textbooks.

Basically, we like to break stuff down and make it simple. Our goal with “Revision Ninja – Cheat Sheets” is exactly this, to make stuff simple, and help you remember better, to better piece facts together. Of course we don’t promise you the world (nobody’s perfect), but we would strive to give our best and constantly update our material to make it better.


Well, Revision Ninja, is basically, as the name conveys, a revision bundle. We intend to make revision bundles for different subjects and we have started with Oral Pathology and Periodontology.

So, each revision bundle would have a numerous cheat sheets/notes covering high yield topics and a comprehensive set of practice (MCQ) questions from our vast question bank.


To help achieve our goals outlined previously, we have structured each note/ cheat sheet in a way that would help students derive maximum from a topic that is read or learnt.

The cheat sheets would have a bullet list of key facts and concepts in a topic denoted by a “key” icon. Remember, these would be the most relevant facts and further reading may be necessary.

Important stuff that has to be remembered would be highlighted in blue and would have a “bulb” icon (this does not mean you read only the highlighted stuff!). This may prove useful from a “viva voce” and “entrance exam” perspective.

Some concepts may require further reading and deeper understanding. These would be denoted by a “books” icon.

Most topics/lessons (if not all) would have a few questions at the end, to help test yourself. Some of them are purposefully difficult. The goal is to make you think out of the box and force you to read extra material (textbooks/articles) to answer them. This would be denoted by a “test-sheet” icon.

If we have a video (on our website) pertaining to a topic, it would be denoted by a “video” icon. This way you could also watch our video if you want to dig deeper into the topic.

This pretty much sums up how each note/cheat sheet would be structured.


Now apart from this we have quite a few tables summing up differential diagnosis of lesions and other vast topics in a nut shell. We intend to add many more tables to cover more topics. Also we would like to add doodle/cartoon sketches to our cheat sheets. To be honest, we are not sure how this would work out, due to time constraints, but we promise to work hard and try our best to make this work. We believe in making concepts light hearted and fun to learn.

So, that’s that! Right now, we are up and running with Oral Pathology, and Periodontics is coming soon. Currently, we have 46 high yield topics covering 8 chapters in Oral Pathology. Our Oral Pathology question bank has around 900 MCQs. We would be continuously updating and aim to make at least 3-4 cheat sheets/notes every week. Our end goal is to make this as comprehensive as possible. Cheers people!



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